“We have built a reputation for being efficient, thorough, reliable, resourceful and committed.”

Pave-Con Ltd was Founded in 2001

The company was incorporated in 2003. The scope of works undertaken by the company are; Building & Civil Works and Road Construction.

The Management Team brings a wealth of experience to the company in all the areas necessary for sustained growth. We provide the innovative solutions and support needed to deliver projects on time and within budget. Our expertise and unparalleled commitment to teamwork, integrity and quality have contributed to our projects’ successes. We have had a phenomenal increase in gross sales from inception to present. We hold both National Contracts Commission and Tax Compliance Certificates from the Government of Jamaica. If you can think it, we will build it.


Osbourne Ingleton

Received Bachelors of Science in Engineering (B.Sc. Eng) from the University of Technology in Kingston Jamaica.

Work experience includes both governmental and privately operated companies.

National Work Agency – Infrastructure Works

WINDALCO (Mandeville) - Managing all aspects of the construction industry steel frame erections, infrastructure works and bridge construction.

Anthony Sampson

Received a BBA from Lambuth University in Tennessee, USA.

After graduation he worked in the road construction industry in Atlanta, Georgia for 16 months.

Due to a terminal illness with his father he returned home to run his father’s family business.

Property development and chain link fencing company – Fence Masters Ltd

Robert Smith

James Godfrey

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